Vapeshave become common around the globe, as many people are vaping instead of smoking due to its benefits over cigarettes. The purpose of a vape initially began from providing a non-harmful way of consuming flavor and puffing it into a cloud of vapor.

Nevertheless, many smokers found it as a way to decrease or completely stop smoking. Vaping not only offers a flavorful experience but also carries multiple benefits as compared to smoking a cigarette.

What is Vaping?


Some of the commonly asked questions are what is vaping? And how is it different from smoking? Well, vaping and smoking are two different things, as smoking involves burning tobacco. On the other hand vaping is the process of producing vapor by a pre-installed coil heating the e-liquid.

The vaping experience is flavorful and does not damage your health like a cigarette, as there is no burning of tobacco involved.

Benefits of Vaping:

There are several benefits of a vape, and here are some of the significant benefits that will prove to be better than smoking.

#1 Health & Hygiene:

Tobacco is one of the significant reason that cause severe damage to your mouth, as most mouth diseases are caused by consuming tobacco. Whereas, E-liquids do not contain any tobacco that might be harmful to your lungs or mouth.

Cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and other tobacco-filled products can blacken your teeth, but there are no such side effects when we talk about vaping.

The burning of smoke is the root cause of all long-term diseases, including cancer and other heart-related problems. Vaping does not involve the burning of smoke. Thus tar and carbon monoxide are not formed to inflict damage on the health.

#2 Nicotine Control:

Vaping allows you with the option of consuming 0% to considerably high amount of nicotine, as e-fluids come with nicotine percentages that you can choose, as per your needs. Vaping a nicotine-free e-liquid is like inhaling vapors of glycerin and flavor that might not cause any addiction or harm to your body.

Smoking a cigarette might not provide you with the option to lower or eliminate the nicotine percentage, as it is filled with chemicals that make it impossible to remove the nicotine level.

#3 A pleasant odor:

Cigarette smoke has an offensive odor that is unpleasant to non-smokers and even smokers. Vaping allows you to no longer worry about your clothes, car, or other place smelling like cigarette smoke.

The odor of e-fluids is significantly pleasant from the rough and effusive odor of cigarette smoke. The second-hand vape is also not harmful to people around you, as it is just vapor and does not contain any tar or carbon monoxide.

#4 Aids in stopping smoking habits:

Vape has proven to be an aid for stopping or reducing the smoking habits of chain smokers. Smoking is an unhealthy habit that even heavy smokers would advise you to stop, but it isn’t that easy.

However, with the help of vaping, you can use a high nicotine level e-liquid to satisfy the nicotine urges and use a vape instead of smoking a cigarette every time you have the craving. This method has proven successful for many chain smokers as vaping has no severe side effects.


Vaping is a much better option than smoking, and the above mentioned four reasons prove this statement. You can use a vape to quit smoking, but a good vape store to get started is Chase My Cloud, if you don’t know any.

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