Initially, newcomers to the vape community may feel confused. When you first start out, there are a lot of new terminologies and tactics to know, and it can be a tough challenge. If you’re going through a tough time regarding vapes, the following guide is for you. In the guide below, we have shed some light on the major components of a vape and few things to consider when you are willing to buy vapes in Pakistan.

Major Components Of A Vape

E-Juice, the tank, and the mod/battery are the three major elements of any vape.

1.   E-Juice

 The liquid that powers the electronic cigarette is called e-juice. It’s what gives your electronic cigarette the nicotine solution and different flavors. It produces vapor that resembles the typical smoke from normal cigarettes when you exhale.

2.   Tank

 A tank is the portion of the vape where you fill up and smoke your e-juice. It is generally divided into three sections:

●       Drip Tip

 The part where you put your mouth to use the vape is known as the drip trip. Most of the time, they are made up of material that is heat-resistant but you can get in wood too if you are willing to change the style and appearance of your vape. They are normally removable and interchangeable. To get a good strike with denser smoke, some people prefer drip tips with large openings while others prefer a smaller hole for a more controlled and smoother experience.

●       Tank Chamber

 The part where the e-juice is filled up is known as the tank chamber. The tank chamber is mostly made up of either glass, titanium, or stainless steel. These tank chambers can be filled differently, depending on their type. Some can be filled from the top while some can be filled from the bottom. Tanks that can be filled from the top are much more convenient as you do not have to open the entire device just to fill the e-juice. The airflow control ring is also available in many of the tanks near the bottom. This enables you to customize the airflow resistance of the vape to your liking.

●       Atomizer/Coil

 The atomizer, also known as a coil, is the component that produces vaporization. A coil is tightened around a piece of cotton within each atomizer. When you use the vape, the e-liquid is drawn from the tank chamber and vaporized by the cotton and heated coil within the atomizer. The coils must be replaced every few weeks to increase the longevity of your e-juice

3.   Mods/Batteries

 The element of the vape that powers the tank and atomizer is referred to as the mod. They also regulate the power output and temperature at which you vape. Though not all vapes use a mod, some vapes like pen-style vapes use a battery rather than a mod. These batteries allow you to have a minimum power output control.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Vape

If you are willing to buy a vape, consider the following things.

Consider The Reason That Why Your Are Buying A Vape

Desktop vapes and portable vapes are the two major types of vapes. For instance, you are a smoker and you are using a vape to quit smoking then a portable vape can be your choice as it allows you to hit it wherever you want because of its compact size. Desktop vapes, on the other hand, are completely different as they are quite big.

Consider The Type Of Tank

Since it is difficult to say which part of vaping is the most critical because professionals all have different opinions, we’ll begin with the tank as it’s the component of the vape you’re most familiar with. Again, there are many different kinds of vape tanks to choose from, but they all work in the same way. They hold your preferred e-juice and carry the further procedure to give you a fine vaping experience. Here is a tip for starters, go for a tank that has a high volume rather than one that seems stylish but has low volume.

Consider The Battery Life

Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries power vapes. The size of the battery will determine how long the vape can last before needing to be recharged. Keep your spare battery if vape a lot.

Consider Your Budget

Last but not least, consider your budget before planning to buy a vape. Depending on the type of vape you are choosing, they are priced differently. You can spend some money on a low-cost vape or you can invest a good sum to get the finest piece for yourself. Do some research before getting to the conclusion.

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