Batteries in vape are not like the AA batteries in the remote control. They are more powerful and need to be handled carefully. In comparison, the old vapers are aware of the battery safety tips and know how to take care of them. The new vapers who just purchased a new mod are handed with 18650s batteries without any advice on properly handling them.

In this blog, you will read about the safety of batteries. But before that, keep in mind that if you have a regulated mod that is powered by 18650s and 21700s, this guide is for you. You will learn about some new tips that may come in handy in the future for you.

Keeping wraps intact

Always ensure that the wraps of your batteries are in immaculate condition. If you ever notice a cut on the battery wrap, the good thing you can do to it is to re-wrap it. Battery wraps are low-priced and very easy to put on. If you don’t have wraps for vape batteries, visit us at our online store. We at Chase My Cloud deal in all kinds of vape devices, vape accessories. Head over to our website now.

Using the suitable batteries

Whenever you’re picking batteries for your vape devices, ensure that they are with the appropriate specs. Some of the batteries are good for low wattage devices, and others are better for sub-ohm vaping devices. While picking the batteries, don’t just read the ratings on the wrap, as they can be misleading for you. Do some research and go for the suitable option.

Using battery cases

battery cases

Never put the batteries in backpacks or the pockets when they’re not in use. Invest in some plastic battery cases because unprotected batteries can short circuit if they’re touched with metal objects.

Therefore, purchasing a battery case can save you from this. Battery cases come in various designs and materials.

The counterfeits

You can always purchase the counterfeited brand. Panasonic, Sony and Samsung are the three brands that have the same price tag. These reputed vendors make sure that the batteries are authentic.

Charge with a dedicated charger

Charge your batteries with a dedicated charger because it’s safer.

Never leave your batteries charging unattended

Whenever you’re charging your batteries, remember to stay alert. Don’t leave them unattended, especially overnight. Always keep an eye on the batteries when they’re getting charged.

Don’t over-drain the batteries

Always remember that you don’t over drain the batteries. Li-ion batteries tend to lose their capacity once you start discharging them a lot of times. If you take your batteries out and charge them before getting completely drained, it will prolong their battery life.

Replacing and recycling old batteries

Replacing and recycling old batteries

Li-ion batteries start losing capacity and their strength when they’re used for long periods. If your battery is acting up and taking less time to discharge, it’s time to replace it.

Replace your batteries after every six months or a year, depending on your usage.

If you follow all these safety tips for your vape device’s battery, you can save yourself from a loss. Always keep a check on the battery. It can be its wrap, battery usage, battery cycle, battery drainage and everything related to your battery.


To conclude this, batteries can last long if they’re handled carefully. It depends on you how you take care of them. You have to be responsible enough with the batteries if you want them for the long run.

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