Electric vapes are the new trend among youngsters. Even the people smoking cigarettes for a long time are switching to vapes. Why is that? Well, they are considered better than the consumption of cigarettes. The ease to use of vapes is bringing more and more consumers towards it.

Certain factors are attracting people towards vape. A few of those are:

  •         It’s a one-time spending
  •         Vapes are easy to carry
  •         Maintenance is required only a few weeks or months
  •         It is, of course, less harmful than the traditional cigarettes
  •         There are multiple flavors to choose from

The last factor is the main reason vaping is famous among youngsters. There are tens of flavors to choose from for your vape. Few brands that are famous for their exceptional flavors are:

  1. Hi Drip
  2. Pop Vapours
  3. VGOD

Out of these brands, some of the best flavors you can get and must try are:



If you are all about that fruity taste, then this is the one for you. Strawberry pom flavor is filled with not just strawberry but kiwi and pomegranate along with menthol as well. Every inhale of this flavor will give you a juicy, citric, and sweet taste. What could be better than this when you are a vape fan but want the refreshing feeling too? Along with the fruity blend, menthol gives a chilly feeling. It enhances the flavor of strawberry, kiwi, and pomegranate. This flavor is more than just great for summer. It comes in a 60 ml bottle with a child safety cap.



VGOD e-juices are famous all around the world. Despite being famous, it still comes at a fair price for e-juices. It is another juicy flavor on the list and is made of that fruit that barely anyone can ignore. The iced mango bomb salt nic has a flavor of ripened mangoes. It means the flavor will be sweet and fresh. Along with the sweetness of mango, this e-juice has a menthol finish to provide you a cool exhale. Anyone with this flavor can vape all day long and still will not feel heavy. It has nicotine formulations and comes in a bottle of 30ml. You can choose from a strength of either 25mg or 50mg.


This flavor, without any doubt, is made for those who want the traditional essence even while vaping. Cubano brown salt nic is a mix of two very different flavors, vanilla, and cigar. These different flavors blend pretty well, surprisingly. Cigar flavor gives you the traditional feel you are looking for, and vanilla will keep it fresh and sweet. You would be vaping, but the flavor will make you feel as if it’s a cigar. VGOD upped its game with this flavor, and that is why you should give it a try. It comes in a 30ml bottle with a strength of 25mg and 50mg.


Have you eaten a freshly eaten chilled pineapple slice, the kind that brings you comfort when you are incredibly thirsty? The feeling is unforgettable, right? That is the feeling this e-juice provides. If you are a fan of fruity e-juices, then this should be on your list. The Frzn Pina flavor comes in a 60ml bottle.

Final Thoughts

One significant benefit of vapes is there are endless flavors to try from. You are not stuck with the same old tobacco. So, when starting your vape flavors journey, these four excellent e-juices should be on your list.