An Easy Guide To Know When To Replace The Vape Mouthpiece

If you are one of the super meticulous vapers who like to maintain every part of their setup, you might be familiar with Uwell Caliburn a2. This pod system offers e-juice capacity and is known for its unique design and magnetic suction.

That said, no matter which type and brand of e-cigarette you would try, you would still need to be very cautious about the vape’s mouthpiece. Not only do the mouthpieces get dirty very quickly, but they also try to hijack your vaping sessions.

So whether you are aiming to buy Vape Online or in person, you ought to keep in mind that the mouthpiece of your vape needs to be replaced. Sadly, these hardware pieces are not designed to last much longer.

Now, the question is, “How can you know when it is the right time to replace the mouthpiece and buy a new one?”

Do not worry, and we are here to help you find all out.

What is a mouthpiece of the vape?

mouthpiece of the vape

If you have been thinking about becoming a vaper and if you have been saving up to pay a Uwell Caliburn a2 price or JUUL pod price, you understandably yearn to know about all the potential expenses.  We can guarantee you that vaping might seem expensive, but it proves to be a much more economical option than cigarette smoking in the long run. That said, similar to replacing e-juices, buying new mouthpieces after periodic intervals is also crucial.

A mouthpiece is a hardware that is commonly known as a drip tip. It comes in various materials and shapes. Moreover, it can be made out of metal, glass, marble, plastic and even resin. In terms of sizes, they are typically found in 520 and 810.

The 810 mouthpieces are usually broad, and cloud-chasing vapers usually prefer them. Whereas mouthpieces are found in 510 sizes and relatively narrower and taller. Since they accentuate the e-liquid flavour, they are typically famous among flavour-loving vapers.

Do you need to clean Mouthpieces?

Irrespective of how often you vape, you should get into the habit of cleaning your vape at least once a week. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Mouthpieces collect juice residual over time, and this leads to e-liquid and airflow clogging.
  • If you use vape several times a day, there will be severe bacteria accumulation during the vape sessions.

Why do you need to replace the mouthpiece?

Now that you have understood the significance of regular vape cleaning, you might be wondering why the mouthpiece needs to be replaced. Mouthpieces are, after all, hardware. Hence, like every hardware, they are not designed to last for too long.

If you are a regular vape, your mouthpiece is likely to wear down either because of pressure, heat or saliva.

When is the right time to replace the mouthpiece?

Every vaper has its vaping style and duration. Some vapers are habitual of vaping hourly, and others will do it once a day. Similarly, some will almost chew the mouthpiece, and others will barely cup their mouth around it.

Hence, it is best to look for factors that determine when is the right time to replace your mouthpiece.

1. If it stops smelling great

If your mouthpiece is reeking of an unusual stench that does not seem to go, it is better to give up and throw it away. That is because the smell indicates bacterial accumulation.

2. If the hits are not strong enough

If you feel your vape hits are not as strong as they used to be, even after you wash the mouthpiece repeatedly, it is time for you to replace it. Weak hits are generally because of the clog or cracked mouthpiece.

3. If the dirt does not go away, no matter much you try to clean it away

After vaping non-stop, there comes the point when your mouthpiece can’t take it anymore. No matter what you will do past that, your mouthpiece will never recover its original shape.


To keep your vaping set up functional, you need to replace the mouthpiece regularly. We hope this guide will help you determine when to dump your old mouthpiece and grab a new one.

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