The activity of vaping has gained popularity in a short time. The vaping lifestyle may look complicated for newbies, but with the help of some pointers, you can quickly adapt to it without having to ask series of questions from vapers.

Here are some tips to help you start vaping and ensure that you have a good experience.

#1 Buy simple pods



Don’t go towards complicated e-cigarettes if you are a beginner. Going for a simple device is the right choice for you. You can pick out simple and quality devices such as Smok vape that are easy to use and provide a good beginners experience.

Getting an advanced device may complicate your first experience with features that you have no use for at the moment. You can always upgrade to a better and advanced model, but for the initial phase, it’s best if you try a more specific device.

#2 Choose a vaping style:


There are two major vaping styles, Mouth to Lung (MTL), which allows you an intimate inhaling experience similar to a cigarette, or you can go for a Direct to Lung (DTL) vaping style. DTL is a bit advanced as it allows a direct inhaling experience similar to an inhaler used by asthma patients. You might have seen people puffing vast clouds of vapor because they are using DTL.

MTL is a better choice for you if you are a newbie. You can always change your vaping style to DTL, but MTL is a better starting style that will make your experience worthwhile for the time being.

#3 Get quality E-liquids:

One of the main aspects of the vaping experience is e-liquids. It would be best if you chose a quality e-fluid, as a poor one might make you sick or ruin your first experience. It’s worth it to spend a few more on getting a premium quality e-fluid.

A quality e-liquid is much more than just a flavor, as the taste lies within the quality, and its best if you choose a flavor that you prefer. There is a wide variety of e-fluids available that might make it a bit difficult to choose, but you can always opt for the flavor you like the most or a blend of your favorite flavors.

You can also monitor your nicotine consumption while buying an e-liquid, as if you are switching from smoking, it would be understandable to choose a flavor with a high nicotine level. People who have no nicotine requirement can get e-fluids that have 0% nicotine present.

#4 Keep it clean:

Before every refill, you can clean the tank with the help of a clean cloth. It’s easy to clean the tank as it can be detached and reattached without any effort. Cleaning the tank is essential to avoid mixing flavors that you prefer separately.

#5 Take pauses between vaping:

Make sure to avoid continuous vaping by pausing for a few seconds for the coil to cool down. Otherwise, you might end up burning the coil. Thus taking short pauses before every puff is a better way to avoid replacing coils more often.

Final Thoughts:

You can use the tips mentioned above to ensure a pleasant experience if you are a newbie. Vaping is an easy and satisfying activity common in the modern world, primarily because it has no significant side effects.

Vape Smoke prices in Pakistan are significantly low and might not increase to the extent of tobacco products. It is essential that you buy e-fluids from a reliable vape store such as Chase My Cloud for the best experience.