Vaping isn’t just an activity, but it has also become a way to quit smoking, as many people are transitioning from smoking cigarettes while some prefer the smell, taste and texture of the vape.
Whether you are starting vaping as a fun activity or quitting smoking, selecting a vape kit is a difficult challenge, as you need it to fulfil your requirements and getting just any vape kit might not provide you with the satisfaction you need. Here are some ways to help you choose the best vape kit that suits your needs.


The first thing you need to decide on is the size you are comfortable with, as pods are available in various designs and sizes. If you are comfortable with a small-sized e-cigarette shaped like a pen or a traditional cigarette, you can choose the small design, but you would be limited in terms of battery.
E-cigarettes were initially introduced in the shape of regular cigarettes to appeal to the smoker and get their attention, but companies developed more significant devices and introduced advanced features with the rising popularity of vapes.
For getting the premium vaping experience, please try a bigger pod that features a bigger battery and more vaping control.

Vaping Style
Vaping Style:

It is essential that you know what style of vaping you prefer. There are two vaping styles: Direct to Lung (DTL), which allows vapers to inhale vapor directly to their lungs. Mouth to Lung (MTL) allows vapers to inhale using the mouth and then pass on to the lungs.
Knowing what style you prefer might be tricky if you haven’t tried vaping before, but if you get the chance to try it, that would be better. Hence MTL is a better option for new vapers to try, as you have the option of changing your vaping style.
Your vaping style would determine what kit you should choose because MTL kits are generally above 1 ohm whereas, DTL kits are below 1 ohm. It is resounded not to use e-liquids with more than 5mg nicotine because it might burn your throat. Therefore it is preferable to use e-fluids with nicotine less than 5mg or no nicotine level at all.

Vapor Production:

It is essential to know what level of vapor production you require, as people have different requirements, such as some might prefer a light cigarette while some might not. If you are stuck with a kit that features low vapor production, you are more likely to get frustrated.
It’s better to choose a kit that features more vapor production rather than a low vapor production. You might get options to reduce the vapor production, but there are none to increase it. Thus getting a kit with higher vapor production is an excellent choice to make.

choose a kit design that is comfortable for handling
Comfort and Convenience:

It is vital to choose a kit design that is comfortable for handling, as it is a device that you can use almost anywhere. Thus getting a vape kit that is easy to carry is the best choice. It would be best to consider your convenience, as you can now Buy Vape Pods Online that would save your time and effort.


Choosing the perfect vape for an excellent vaping experience is never an easy choice to make, but with the help of the tips mentioned earlier, getting a perfect kit might not seem that hard. You can get quality kits, and e-liquids from Chase My Cloud as you can get Vape Pods for Sale.