We all know that smoking kills and it can get addictive because of the nicotine in it. People are hooked to smoking because their bodies require the daily intake of nicotine, but there are alternates available now. We now have vaping devices, which are a great way to fulfil daily nicotine needs without the harmful contents of a cigarette. Therefore, it is better to chase the vape than to ruin your health with tobacco smoking.

Vaping devices are mostly portable electronic devices that use a source such as an e-liquid to produce fumes and clouds by burning them. These vaping devices are not new as they were invented many years back. However, they have recently taken the world by storm because of their effective usage. Studies show that there are around 10 million vapers in the United States alone, and the number is much higher if we consider the rest of the states as well.

Should You Switch To Vaping After You Quit Smoking?

People have been arguing about the credibility of vaping for quite some time now. They believe that switching from smoking to vaping is getting out of one hole and falling into another. However, that is not true, as studies show that vapes are 95% better than tobacco smoking.

What Should You Expect When You Switch?

Following are some of the tips that you should keep in mind when you switch from vaping to smoking.

Buy A Decent Vape

The first thing that you need to do is buy a new vape if you are thinking of quitting smoking. Now, it is important to remember that there are many varieties in the market when it comes to using these vaping devices. However, buying a simple vape will do the trick if you are a newbie to the vaping business. There are multiple accessories and kits available in the market on Chase My Cloud that you can also check, but we suggest researching on your own before you choose a vaping device.

Test the Various Flavours

You would probably be amazed if you found out about all the e-juices available in the market. There are different categories of flavours catering to everyone’s needs. You can choose from mentholated flavours, fruity ones, fresh ones, sweet ones and many others. The vaping liquids are also available in nicotine-free alternates so that you can continue vaping even after you succeed at quitting smoking.

Refrain From Complicated Mods

The Vape Mods are one of the latest innovations in the vape industries, but we suggest staying away from them if you are an amateur. It is best to start from the basics and then work your way up the chart. You can experiment with these variants later when you become used to using a vape.

Vape Looks Don’t Matter

It is crucial to understand the difference between necessity and luxury when you switch to vaping. Unlike smoking, vapes have various looks and accessories in the market. You should not invest money in these looks if you are new to vaping. It will not make you look cool in front of your friends and it certainly will not improve your vaping experience. Thus, it is essential to remember that simplicity is the key. Secondly, the modified vapes are mostly smaller, which will not let you get the same hit as a normal one.

Switch Gradually

A common mistake that most people make is that they transit towards vaping suddenly. It is important to understand that this transition should be slow and subtle. You should try using the vape along with the cigarette as you gradually minimise your tobacco and rely more on the e-devices to fulfil your nicotine needs. You can adjust much better to this change or you can experience discomfort and problems if done suddenly.

Consider the Nicotine Strength

The e-juices are available in various nicotine concentrations therefore you should always use nicotine that is concentrated as per your needs. Switching to a higher nicotine flavour might leave you more addicted. We suggest going to a balanced nicotine level and then cutting it down until you become nicotine-free. You can still vape with freedom with nicotine-free e-liquids after you are successful at switching.

  • Heavy smokers (20 or more cigarettes a day) should use 18mg nicotine liquids
  • Medium smokers (between 10 and 20 cigarettes a day) should go for 12mg of nicotine in e-juice
  • Light smokers (up to 10 cigarettes a day) should purchase 3mg nicotine vaping juice

That said, vaping is a great alternate to smoking if you do it right. We, at Chase My Cloud, hope that this guide is useful to anyone who is looking for a way to give up tobacco smoking for good. Feel free to reach out to us for further guidance today.