People are no longer using vapes just for a fun activity, as most people have come to know about the benefits of vaping, one of the major one being that vaping helps in quitting cigarettes. Smoking cigarette is a harmful habit that even a chain smoker would advise you to stay away from smoking, but this is easier said than done.

Vaping is a way to reduce and even quit smoking, but it might not be such an easy task, as it requires determination and willpower to go through with the process. Many chain smokers have successfully transitioned to vaping from smoking.

Steps to quit or reduce smoking by vaping:

Here are some easy steps to reduce and quit your smoking habits by vaping, and if acted on these steps, you will surely see progress.

Choose a vaping style:


Choosing a vaping style that suits your requirements is the first step in quitting smoking. There are two major vaping styles, MTL and DTL, where Mouth To Lung is similar to smoking, as it features inhaling vapor in the mouth and then to lungs. Direct to Lung, on the other hand, is a process of inhaling directly from the device to the lungs.

If you are transitioning from smoking, it will be best to opt for an MTL vaping style and kits above 1 ohm, to support the mouth-to-lung vaping style and give you a better vaping experience.

Control your nicotine intake:

Vaping allows you to control your nicotine consumption, as there are various e-liquids available that offer none to a high nicotine level. If you are a chain smoker and require consuming nicotine, you can get a 5mg or more nicotine-filled e-liquid that can satisfy your nicotine itch.

You can decrease nicotine consumption with each e-liquid that you buy. It will help you in eliminating your nicotine requirement. You can start with a high nicotine level e-fluid and work your way down to e-fluids that feature 0% nicotine.

Easy to use kits:

vape kits

You can choose easy-to-use and accessible vape kits that provide you the luxury of vaping at any time. A traditional cigarette is easy to consume, as it can be bought from almost every shop and all you have to do is light it. Similarly, a vape should be easily accessible to provide the same level of convenience.

Vaping can even prove to be an even more convenient option as all you have to do is press the button and inhale. There are many vape accessories available that make this process even more appealing and easier to use.

Final Words:

Smoking is considered one of the worst habits that are unhealthy and dangerous to the environment. Smoking a cigarette doesn’t only harm your health, but it is also harmful to others around you.

There are several ways to quit smoking, but one that has proven successful for most chain smokers is vaping, as it allows the smoker to transition to a less harmful substitute and gradually eliminate nicotine craving once and for all.

The 3 step process, as mentioned earlier, of transitioning successfully from smoking a traditional cigarette to vaping allows smokers an effective way to reduce and potentially eliminate their smoking habit for good.

One central aspect of transitioning to vapes is choosing the best quality e-liquids and vape kits, but if you don’t know a vape store that provides reliable vape products, then the best place for you is Chase My Cloud.