Vaping is gaining a lot of popularity throughout the world. There are a lot of new vape shops in Pakistan offering great quality products. Apart from being a healthier alternative to smoking, vaping is cheaper and helps chain smokers quit. Unlike smoking, vapers get to try countless flavors and enjoy a new experience each time.

There are plenty of flavors available on the market that have something to suit everyone’s needs. For the people who have recently entered the world of vaping, we have devised this guide for you to help maximize your vaping experience.

Invest In Good Quality E-Juices

Good Quality E-Juices

Let us tell you something: Vaping is all about flavors. If you buy a high-quality vaping device such as a Smok vape but your collection of e-liquids is not top-notch, you will never be able to have a fulfilling experience. When choosing an e-juice, you need to consider a couple of things. You should buy from a reputable e-juice brand and only pick a flavor that you already like. For instance, if you are not a fan of sweets and buy caramel-flavored or custard e-juices, you will never enjoy your vape.

Clean The Coil & Tank

When you change the flavors, you must clean the coil and tank. Certain flavors create a wonderful concoction. On the contrary, if your previous flavor was a fruity one and you replace it with a menthol flavor, the aftermaths of fruit in menthol would create a rather unpleasant blend. Therefore, you must clean out your tank and coil before adding in a new flavor. Apart from that, regular cleaning also extends the life of your e-cigs and keeps them in good shape.

Experiment With New Flavors

It’s difficult for some people to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. However, the same e-juice flavor can become monotonous and boring over time. A great way of enhancing your vaping experience is by trying out different flavors. If you are reluctant about trying new flavors because it would mean cleaning your tank repeatedly, you can also use a disposable e-cig. You can throw them out once the e-juice runs out, so you save yourself from the hassle of constant cleaning.

Manage Your E-Liquid The Right Way

Manage Your E-Liquid The Right Way

Vapers often complain that they are experiencing scattered flavors and not getting the perfect throat hit. This happens when there is an improper amalgamation of the e-juice components when it’s been resting for a while. To solve this problem, shake your e-juice a little before starting your vaping experience. This will make a massive difference to your flavor. You should also avoid leaving e-juice bottles open and putting them in direct sunlight. When it comes in contact with the air, the flavors can be compromised. Exposure to the sun can break down the e-juice very quickly and ruin the flavor.

Change Coils Frequently

Have you ever experienced a burnt taste in your e-juice? It’s because your coil has been used a little too much. Over time, a crusty film forms on the coil, and since they cannot be washed, there is no way to get rid of the crust. So whenever you begin to experience a burnt taste, replace your coils ASAP!

Keep Your Kit Away From The Water

Even if you are using the best quality equipment, they mustn’t come in contact with the water. Even a tiny amount of water can damage your vape and ruin your vaping experience. Always keep your vape dry near the pool or the beach. The best idea is to keep it in a sealed plastic bag to eliminate the chances of water exposure.

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