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American Patriots Naked100 Salt (formerly American Cowboy) is a savory tobacco vape juice flavor that has been fused with caramel. This famous blend has now been made with nicotine salts for everyone with a pod device. Nicotine salts have higher concentrates of nicotine levels. These salts are not made to be used with Sub-Ohm devices. This sophisticated flavor has rich and creamy tobacco that is authentic in taste for all those who are seeking to quit cigarettes.

Based on that classic American tobacco taste, each puff delivers the rich flavor that you crave without any of the guilt. With just the right hint of sweetness, you’re going to feel intensely satisfied when you hit this authentic-tasting tobacco flavor.

Like all of the vape juices from NKD 100, American Patriot is made with high-quality ingredients, ensuring a flavor that you’ll want to vape all day long. Each pull tastes exactly like the real thing thanks to months and months of testing and tweaking. As you inhale, bold and rich tobacco flavor washes over the taste buds and hits the back of your throat in the most satisfying way possible. On the exhale, a touch of sweetness is the perfect finish to this vaping experience.

Product Specification

Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Caramel
Size: 30ml Glass Bottle with Dropper

American Patriots by NKD 100 is a salt nicotine juice that has an elegant taste. From the first drop to the last you are sure not to be disappointed with this intoxicating flavor. It has become the go-to vape for those who crave big and bold tobacco flavor.

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