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Wanna get the full European experience? If so, Euro Gold Tobacco by Naked 100 Salt 30ml is a mild-bodied tobacco that’s certain to satisfy those cravings, especially when you feel like you’re missing the taste of your analogs. The smoothness of this ejuice is absolutely off the chains, gliding across your tongue as the nuanced flavor notes unveil themselves one by one. And, thanks to the nic salt that it contains, you’ll feel as satiated as can be with every pull from your pod mod.

Once enough vapor brushes against your tongue, that wonderfully earthy taste reveals itself as subtle notes of nuttiness and sweetness tantalize with total ease. Then, by exhaling, pure richness dazzles those senses like crazy. Mild and sweet tobacco with the hint of honey, Euro Gold By Naked 100 Salts has the flavor of natural sweet tobacco which is too hard to resist. The perfectly balanced flavors of this e-juice intense satisfaction for your tobacco cravings.

Product Specification

Primary Flavors: Tobacco
Size: 30ml Glass Bottle with Dropper

Euro Gold by NKD 100 Salt E-Liquid captures the heavenly aromas of cured tobacco, extracting sweet and robust fragrances from this exquisitely balanced nicotine salt eJuice that is sure to uplift the senses.

Nicotine Strength



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