Blunomenon by Nomenon Salts is a delicious blue raspberry hard candy infused with the scientific essence of yum. This flavor truly is a delicious blend that won’t leave you disappointed!

Sure, there are lots of candy-flavored vapes on the market. But, we can bet that you won’t find one as old, as outrageously nuanced and balanced as those produced like Nomenon can. For fans of confection-inspired ejuices that offer something sweet n’ sour, there’s Blunomenon By Nomenon Salts 30ml. It delivers a bold and unapologetic dose of blue raspberries that leaves your taste buds quivering with excitement.

The vapor you inhale is notably tart at first, as you’d expect from this iconic flavor. Instantly find yourself drooling as pure sourness finds itself into every crevice on your palate. Slowly, things settle down, allowing you to savor that berryful freshness. Then, become delighted by intense sugary notes that slam into your sweet tooth on the exhale.

Product Specification

Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Candy
Bottle Sizes: 30ml
VG/PG: 60%VG / 40%PG

Nomenon E-Liquid is brought to you from Boise, Idaho. Presenting a line-up of flavorful fruits, Nomenon E-Liquid takes some of the most popular flavors in vape and delivers them in a brand new light. To call Nomenon a phenomenon is not quite doing the brand justice. A broad assortment of choices await, among which there is sure to be a choice for even the most demanding of palates. Now is the perfect time to discover why this innovative selection makes picking a favorite nearly impossible. Each and every flavor is the result of months of painstaking development, with a keen eye towards creating sensations which change the way a user approaches vape juice.

Nicotine Strength

24mg, 48mg


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