Cherry Lime Ginger E-Liquid by Noms X2 is a mash up of sweet cherry and tangy lime with a touch of ginger to tie it all together. Ginger is not a flavor profile that makes an appearance in vape juice very often, but the team behind Noms X2 is perfectly comfortable stepping outside the box. With Cherry Lime Ginger E-Liquid they deliver a home run combination of cherry and lime paired with a ginger finish, to provide a unique vape experience that is sure to make you a believer.

If you’re in the mood for a fruity and spiced vapetastic experience that will electrify like no other, you’ve come to the right place. Cherry Lime Ginger By Nomenon Noms X2 E Liquid is one of the most imaginative flavors out there, boasting a trio of delectable tastes that have an exotic twist. You’ll find yourself in a state of pure ecstasy as this nuanced, complex, natural-tasting, and completely innovative flavorful profile takes over your senses, soothing any thirst, refreshing the palate, and intriguing those taste buds all simultaneously. Plus, with its stunning balance between sweetness, tartness, tang, and spiciness, you’re certain to feel as if something truly special take place along your tongue.

Every inhale provides sharpness and zestiness of freshly squeezed limes which instantly wakes you up in the middle of the islands. Next comes the ripest, plumpest, and juiciest cherries you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting- starting with some nice tang which eventually turns to sweetness. Finally, as if things couldn’t get any more dynamic, invigorating gingers give off the perfect euphoric exhale. Cherry Lime Ginger by NOMS X2 Nomenon E-Liquids truly is a delicious blend that won’t leave you disappointed!

Product Specification

Primary Flavors: Cherry, Lime, Ginger
Bottle Sizes: 60ml
VG/PG: 70%VG / 30%PG

Noms X2 E-Liquid is brought to you from Boise, Idaho. Initially set loose upon the vapor world in early 2016, this extension of the Nomenon family boasts an intense following which has not yet begun to slow down. Building upon the solid foundation and reputation of Nomenon to deliver astounding fruit, Noms X2 sets out on a mission to add a layer of complexity to the experience.

Nicotine Strength

3mg, 6mg


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