Looking for an intoxicating fruity nectar that tastes like it came from the heavens? Well, ORGNX has delivered a stunning ejuice that truly provides that natural, clean taste of crisp honeydews, and they’ve taken things a step further by enhancing it with menthol power. Honeydew Ice By ORGNX E-Liquids is a flavor duo that may sound simple, but take our word for it – each draw gives you a bold, complex blast of juicy goodness that leaves your tongue tingling with joy while your palate cries out for more.

The inhale gives you a chance to savor the inherent crispness of freshly cut, perfectly ripe honeydew slices that are glistening with juice. The natural sweetness builds and builds while remaining pleasantly subtle, which is a welcome change from the overly sweet vapes that are out there today. That exhale provides generous dose of iciness, making feel rejuvenated all over.

Hit it all day long and experience the feeling of intense refreshment whenever you put your drip tip to your lips.

Product Specification

Primary Flavors: Honeydew, Menthol
Size: 60ml Unicorn Bottle
Ratio: 70VG / 30PG

ORGNX Eliquids is an vape juice line crafted in Los Angeles, CA bringing fun to the vaping game. The ORGNX line consists of fruity menthol flavors everyone is sure to love.

Nicotine Strength

3mg, 6mg


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