Not everyone can go on a tropical adventure that is going to be relaxing and amazing. Money may not be the issue why you cannot make your way to this amazing getaway, but you might simply not have the time. Well, picking up this salt e-liquid might make everything a lot better.

Jewel Mango is the name of the salt e-liquid that will give you the feeling as if you are dipping your feet in a calm body of water as you drink a cocktail. Doesn’t that just sound like something you may want to experience a few times? Then again, if you are from New York, anything might sound nice as long as you are away from the concrete jungle for a while. Pod Juice Salts is the name of the salt e-liquid collection that brings us this incredible blend that many people cannot seem to get enough of. As you gently take a hit, you can almost picture yourself being placed on a beach surrounded by nature. You can feel the warm sand on your feet while the beams of the sun allow you to get some vitamin D.

The mango flavor will quickly burst into your mouth as if it was excited to meet you because you are giving it the opportunity to wow you. The mango is going to be very sweet and even creamy as it roams around your mouth. Since this vape juice contains some salt-based nicotine, it does not take long before you recognize the throat hit explode inside of you. This will give you more of the succulent mango taste that melts in your mouth. As you slowly exhale, you catch a whiff of your cloudy friends quietly making their way out of your mouth. Their fragrance is incredible and certainly the correct way to end an epic vape trip.

Product Specification

Primary Flavors: Mango
Bottle Sizes: 30ml Bottle
PG/VG: 50% PG/50% VG
Nicotine Strength

55mg, 35mg


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