Designed for the RELX Essential and Infinity Devices, these replacement pods are available in a variety of flavors and come prefilled with 18mg of nicotine salt e-liquid. RELX pods are designed to create the ultimate vaping experience for adult smokers, featuring a maze-like internal structure to help prevent any leakage, even if being transported on a flight.

Flavor Profiles

Classic Tobacco: Mildly sweet with nutty notes, a tobacco flavor that is rich and smooth.
Prominent Flavour(s): Mildly sweet tobacco

Menthol Plus:

A perfect mixture of naturally sweet corn mint and peppermint and fruity notes that leave a long-lingering freshness.
Prominent Flavors: Menthol, Peppermint

Tangy Purple:

A citrusy grape flavor that leaves with a hint of red wine.
Prominent Flavors: Grape, Red wine grape

Raspy Ruby:

A sweet and tart raspberry flavor with just the right amount of cooling.
Prominent Flavour: Raspberry

Sunny Sparkle:

A sweet and tangy orange soda flavor which is both refreshing and cooling.
Prominent Flavour: Orange

Dark Sparkle:

A sweet, citrusy cola flavor that releases the cooling and aromatic characteristics of one of the world’s favorite drink.
Prominent Flavour: Cola, Citrus

Fresh Red:

A watermelon flavor that is sweet, juicy yet crispy with a cooling finish.
Prominent Flavour: Watermelon

Product includes:

Two RELX Pro Pods

Relx Replacement pods

Classic Tobacco, Dark Sparkle, Fresh Red, Menthol, Raspy Ruby, Sunny Sparkle, Tangy Purple


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