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What’s the best type of grape? White grape! Sweet, sweet white grape.

Inspired by summertime white wine, with juicy green and white grape essence with strong menthol feel.

Please the taste buds that have been hoping you treat them to a blend that is out of this world. Saucy Classics Salts E-Liquid is ready to introduce us to a blend that contains some salt-based nicotine to truly add an explosive sensation with every draw. White Grape Ice is a popular blend that is crafted from several premium ingredients so that the primary flavors last throughout the entire trip.

Take a hit and almost instantly fall in love with the white grape flavor that is satisfying with rich sugary notes. Enjoy the menthol hints that are icy and sweet, which is extremely refreshing. Feel the throat hit that compares to no other you may have experienced in the past, as it enhances the primary flavors to taste better than before. White Grape Ice is a unique blend and we have to thank Saucy Classics Salts E-Liquid for formulating it correctly to please us all the time.

Product Specification

Primary Flavors: Grape, Menthol
Bottle Sizes: 30ml Bottle
Nicotine Strength

25mg, 50mg


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