Cubano Black SaltNic by VGOD is a crafted specialty and has been aged to perfection. It is handcrafted in limited quantities and pre-steeped for months to coalesce to perfection. BOLD is the word you will envision when the robust Cuban cigar flavor hits your palate commingling perfectly with hints of rich creamy custard. The only thing that you will be thinking of as you exhale this smooth, well-balanced flavor, is the anticipation of your next draw of Cubano Black by VGOD.
Cubano Black SaltNic by VGOD is a more robust tobacco, more rich and creamy vanilla custard, and more nic for your low wattage device. Cubano Black is presented in a 30 milliliter bottle with a CRC cap.

Product Specification

Flavors: Vanilla Custard, Cubano Cigar, Tobacco
Bottle Sizes: 30ml
PG/VG Ratio: 30% PG / 70% VG
Bottle Type: Unicorn Bottle
Cubano Black SaltNic starts off with a strong cigar flavor that immediately goes into the flavor of sweet vanilla custard. This vape juice has a much stronger tobacco flavor that has small hints of vanilla. If Cuban cigars were made with vanilla tobacco wrapping, this e-juice flavor is exactly what that would taste like.
Nicotine Strength

25mg, 50mg


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