Iced Purple Bomb SaltNic by VGOD is a flawless blend with a cluster of sweetly ripened and crisp Concord grapes freshly plucked from the vine with hints of sugary grape candy for the finish. Purple Bomb grants bursts of authentic grapes with sugar coated sweetness for a perfect all day vape experience. It offers everything that you and your taste buds have been looking for, you will be treated to grape coated with candy flavor infused with menthol so you’ll feel refreshed with every puff. The mixture of both sweet purple grapes and fresh menthol, will give you a experience that is smooth and refreshing  that you won’t be able to help yourself from indulging from this flavor.

Product Specification

Nicotine Salts Formulation
Bottle Sizes: 30ml
PG/VG Ratio: 30% PG / 70% VG
Bottle Type: Unicorn Bottle
VGOD’s Iced Purple Bomb SaltNic incorporates the finest crisp Concord grapes with a candied grape confection for an extra sweet and in your face mix. This incredibly sweet journey through grapeness culminates with a satisfying mentholated frosty finish. VGOD’s Purple Bomb Iced SaltNic is a satisfying grape menthol indulgence.
Nicotine Strength

25mg, 50mg


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