You may have come across several vape blogs to research and get your hands on the best device. Unfortunately, much of the vaping terminology is alien to new users. To them, it may just sound like the magic spells from Harry Potter. Sub-ohm, tanks, RDA coils, Mech devices, the proportion of PG and VG in flavours etc., all sounds too much to consume, right?

Well, if you are just starting out or considering joining the vaping fraternity, then this article is for you. Here we’ll get you to understand the basics of selecting the right vape without any mumbo-jumbo that’s hard to understand.

So let’s jump right at it!

Selecting the right vape

While it is true that knowing the technical details of vaping does give you some edge, you don’t need to be a vape nerd to start out. For starters, you just need to understand that vaping is a better substitute for getting your nicotine punch.

Also, even if you want to vape just for the fun of it, you can get a good device without knowing the specs of the mods and the tanks. Vaping doesn’t have to be complicated, and that’s what we are here to communicate.

Selecting the right vape is pretty simple. Gone are the days when brick-like fat devices were in fashion. Now there are compact options available that offer unmatched portability and great performance. With them in your pocket, you just have gotta pull it out and get the heavenly puff.

So what’s the secret sauce to selecting the perfect vape as a beginner?


Instead of researching the technical vape terms and scratching your hair out, just make a rough analysis of your expectations out of a vape. Do you want to quit smoking? Do you want to enjoy the flavour? Or do you want a little of this and a little of that?

There’s definitely the right vape device available to suffice whatever you need. Caliburn KOKO, for instance, is a hot product these days. A vape puff that offers balanced flavour and nicotine satisfaction is a dream that this device fulfils.

So once you know the needs, you can progress further.

Ask around

Vaping community is a lovely and pretty helpful one. Especially to new vapers who are looking for answers. You can easily enquire about the trendy devices, and the chances are that they’ll be a perfect fit for you as well. Consider Caliburn KOKO again, for instance.

The device is a simple plug-and-play that’s really soaring high in the Pakistani markets. It’s so convenient and delivers exceptionally flavourful puffs. The chances are that that’s the one right device for you as well.

You can even know about the other devices and look for the basic functionality that they offer.


Choosing a vape doesn’t have to be hard. Once you know your vaping needs, then it’s literally a walk in the park. Except here, you gotta walk to the store and get the device.

With that said, you can even get products delivered to your doorsteps if you choose services from Chase My Cloud. However, if you are an absolute beginner, then pay us a visit. Our sales rep will love to display our best collection and help you decide the best vape device for your needs.

Final Words

Now that you no longer need to know the technical stuff choosing and switching to vaping becomes really easy. Get the device that serves you the best. However, if you get KOKO, then you can easily order Caliburn KOKO Pods in Pakistan from your favourite Chase My cloud store.