If you are a chain smoker or sheesha smoker and want to quit the habit, know that vaping is the best way to do it. As the government has closed down sheesha cafes around the country, smokers are looking for other ways to fulfil nicotine needs. In all the alternatives, vaping is the best for many reasons. First, a vape is free of tar and tobacco, making it 90% safer than cigarettes and sheesha. Second, a vape contains flavour, which allows the smoker to choose their taste. Third, unlike sheesha and cigarettes, you can choose the percentage of nicotine you want to inhale while vaping.

If you are worried about whether vaping is legal in Pakistan, then know that there is no law prohibiting importing, exporting, and using electronic cigarettes in the country.



The first reason to switch to vaping is that the vapes are free of tobaccos. Vapes use liquids known as E-liquids, but in Pakistan, they are more popular as juices or flavors. The E-liquid is made of mainly propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine and natural or artificial flavors. All of these ingredients are safer than those in sheesha or cigarettes.


There are many classifications of vapes, but the most basic and common ones are:

#1 Mouth To Lung:

Commonly known as MTL, Mouth To Lung is the term that you will hear in vape shops and by vape professionals. In MTL vapes, you get an experience similar to smoking. MTL kits are made for those who want to quit smoking. Comparatively, the price of such vapes is lower.

#2 Direct To Lung:

These devices are powerful, and they provide an experience similar to sheesha. If you want to chase clouds like we do with sheesha, DTL kits are the best for you. It is recommended that when you choose juices for DTL, make sure that they are low in nicotine. As the devices are powerful, they end up giving you a high hit even at weak nicotine strength.


  1. The batteries are essential. Never fall for low prices as the low price batteries are usually fake.
  2. If you are around non-vapers, don’t cloud chase.
  • Don’t vape in public because a police person might think that sheesha and vapes are the same and cause you problems.
  1. Most malls and restaurants in Pakistan prohibit smoking. Therefore, make sure not to vape in such places unless the authorities allow it. Even then, make sure that the clouds are small.
  2. Vaping in front of children is not a good habit. Avoid vaping in playgrounds, children’s birthdays and places where children are present.
  3. It is against the basic ethics to blow clouds in front of someone’s face.


If you are a chain smoker and want to quit the habit, going for high nicotine flavors with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio is recommended. However, if you loved sheesha because of dense clouds and want the same with vape, low nicotine flavors are recommended.


Whether it is vape or e-liquid, never buy them from a local paan shop but look for branded ones. The kits or juices that you buy locally from the market or a paan shop may not last long because the quality of such products is very low. To buy premium juices and vape kits, we recommend you visit Chase My Cloud. The platform is the leading vape provider in Pakistan. So, don’t waste your time while searching vape shops near me. Simply visit Chase My Cloud.