It is a fact that addiction is harmful. The only plus side it brings for a human is temporary calm. A person tries to convert that temporary calm into a permanent one. They start consuming more and more. The only outcome that addiction brings is pain in the long run. Addiction does not bring good outcomes for you. However, getting rid of addiction altogether is not an easy task. It requires a lot of willpower and tolerance.

One of the common addictions among people is cigarettes. Currently, a total of 19% of adults around the world smoke tobacco. It is a considerable percentage, yet it is less than it used to be. This is because now people have alternatives to cigarettes. These alternatives are less harmful and hence control the consumption of tobacco.

The famous alternative to cigarettes is electric vapes. Many people still are in doubt about which out of these to choose and why. Below we have discussed both of them. The following read will allow you to choose between a cigarette and an electric vape.

What is a Cigarette?


A large population is hooked on cigarettes. They know it brings comfort. They know it is harmful. They know one should not smoke, but barely anyone knows why. Barely anyone is aware of what a cigarette actually is and how it is made.

Well, the cigarette has around 6,000 ingredients in it. A cigarette is made up of porous paper and has dried crushed tobacco leaves in it. Some of these ingredients are present in a ratio more than others and vice versa. When a person burns a cigarette, there are almost 7,000 chemicals released into the environment. Some of the ingredients that are found in tobacco smoke from cigarettes are:

  •         Ammonia
  •         Formaldehyde
  •         Lead
  •         Benzene
  •         Carbon monoxide

Many of the ingredients in a cigarette are a major cause of lung and throat cancer.

What is Vape?   


Vapes come in different forms such as JUULs or vape pens. Instead of using actual lighting, they use batteries. The battery in a vape heats a liquid and converts it into an aerosol. The users inhale that aerosol. Vapes can have many different flavors like buttermilk pie ejuice, salts apple, kiwi, and many more. The list is endless for vape flavors which are also called e-juices.

These e-juices are the source of chemicals like the ones in a cigarette. However, the proportion of these chemicals is much less than in a cigarette. The flavors have:

  •         Nicotine,
  •         Polypropylene glycol
  •         Acrolein
  •         Diethylene glycol
  •         Cadmium

These chemicals contribute to giving you a cigarette-like feel without actually being a cigarette. Polypropylene glycol is a solvent in which nicotine is dissolved. You can control the level of nicotine through the flavors you inject into your vape. The ingredients of vape that are solvents, flavors, and sweeteners are considered safe by the Food and Drug Administration.

Difference Between Vape and Cigarette

The general difference between vape and cigarettes is the burning of different ingredients. Cigarettes burn tobacco and deliver nicotine to you and those around you (passive smoking). Vape, on the other hand, is breathing in aerosolized polypropylene glycol. It is not entirely harmless.

Final Thoughts

From the description and comparison of both cigarettes and vape, vaping is surely less harmful than cigarettes. If we are to estimate, it is more expensive than vape as well. Vape is one-time spending and gives options like buttermilk pie vape juice, which is exciting and fun to try. So, when you have an addiction, why not choose an option better for you and the environment.