Using an electric vape should be fun. If you use your vaping device in the right manner, you won’t encounter any issue. Spitting, popping, or gurgling are unpleasant experiences vapers sometimes come across due to the way they they use their device.
There are several things you may take to limit these problems to a bare minimum. Before we go into the reasons for these problems and how to solve them, let’s have a look at what they are

Spitting And Popping:

The vapour that develops at the coil is driven up via a layer of liquid when a vape coil is completely filled. There may be some popping and spitting as well.
It’s the term for the super-hot e-liquid droplets that occasionally fly into your mouth when vaping. It can be uncomfortable due to the heat of the liquid, and it frequently causes the targeted region of the lips to become numb for a few seconds.
The interior of the coil becomes overloaded with vape juice, which is why your vape is spitting or popping most of the time.


Gurgling occurs when the coil is highly saturated with e-liquid, causing an excess of liquid to accumulate within the coil. The volume of e-liquid is overbearing to the coil in this condition, and the heat is unable to vaporise all of the liquid presents at the moment. As a result of the overflow, a gurgling sound is produced, which is usually accompanied by leaks and spit-back.
Gurgles and leaks are regular problems with e-cigarettes, and they’re usually easy to fix once you figure out what’s causing them.

Reasons And Ways To Fix It:

There are ways to prevent or solve these issues entirely. Let’s go through the most frequent causes of leaking, gurgling, spitting, or popping in your vape, as well as how to fix them.

Wattage Setting:

Your coil’s resistance and the output wattage/voltage are inversely proportional. The upper limit for each resistance tank is a certain range. However, if your wattage is too low, the coil will take longer to achieve a temperature high enough to properly evaporate e-liquid. You’ll flood your coil as e-liquid will start to enter the atomizer chamber before the coil reaches heat.
In this event, boosting the wattage of your e-cigarette to evaporate the e-liquid more quickly will prevent the atomizer from spitting.

Priming Your Coil:

Priming your coil entails manually dropping e-juice over the wicks before using it for the first time. You may quickly generate flooding and spitback if you put too much e-juice in the chamber. Don’t go overboard. Maintain your balance. Rather than hurrying the process, it is preferable to allow the cotton to soak.

Inhaling Process:

It’s possible that you’re breathing too forcefully! When you draw too hard and fast on your vape, the liquid will pull into the coil quicker than it can be vaporised. This implies you could inhale liquid rather than vapour via the chimney. Take gentler strikes with a little looser air intake instead. This can significantly minimise or completely eliminate floods and gurgling.

VG/PG Ratio:

You could need a different VG/PG ratio in your e-liquid. Propylene glycol is a liquid that is much thinner than vegetable glycerin. It also has a lower vaporisation temperature. Sub-ohm tanks, on the other hand, are known for their big wick holes and higher operating temperatures. With a sub-ohm tank, you’ll need a thicker e-liquid with a greater VG/PG ratio because a thinner e-liquid can cause frequent coil flooding. A saturated atomizer continuously pops and spits.

Assembling Tank:

Vacuum pressure is used to operate all tanks, regardless of their brand or type. The tank must be well-sealed and dry in order for the suction effect to work properly. Examine the tank’s numerous components to confirm that they are all connected correctly and securely.
Inspect the different pieces for breaks or openings that might let too much air into the tank. Flooding and gurgling can also be caused by this.

Press The Fire Button:

Simply press the fire button a couple of times before inhaling if you’ve primed or dripped too much. The popping sounds ought to go away, leaving a white buzzing sound of vaporisation in its place. You can inhale without the worry of spitback at this time.

Final Words:

When you have an atomizer that pops and spits hot e-liquid into your mouth, it takes away a lot of the enjoyment from vaping.
There are several reasons for spitting and popping, and you may undoubtedly encounter any of them when vaping. So, knowing the issues long in advance is preferable to be stranded in an inevitable position.
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