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Best Vape Shop In Pakistan

As Chase My Cloud is the leading vape store in Pakistan, our aim is also to properly guide our customers to make sure that they make an informed decision. Especially for the customers who are relatively new to the world of vaping, as they need maximum consultation possible. Our entire staff is extremely professional and is known to guide you in the right direction. Therefore, if you are a beginner vaper, our advice to you would be to procure the merchandise physically rather than shopping online. However, if you still want to buy vape online, do not worry, as we provide a 24/7 chat option on our website. You can clear out all of your queries by asking the most convoluted questions regarding vaping. Our representatives will always guide you in the right direction by comprehending your desires and requirements and suggesting the most suitable product for you.

With that being said, please feel free to browse through our inventory of the best vaping equipment in Pakistan. If you have any queries, feel free to use the chat box or you can reach out to us via calling us directly on our phone.

Buy The Highest Quality Vaping Equipment From The Leading Vape Store In Pakistan

Excellent vaping equipment creates the roots of an amazing user experience. Not just the mod or pod itself, but relevant vaping accessories also play a major role in improving the overall user’s vaping experience. Ensuring that special care is taken to create the perfect inventory of vaping accessories for all classes of vapers is also our priority.

All the vaping accessories you can procure from Chase My Cloud comprise the most simplistic design and are known to be quite easy to use. Assembling all of our vaping equipment does not require any special or technical skills, existing equipment, or quick fingers. Modern technology makes certain that all the cartridges and batteries available in our inventory are made from the best quality raw materials such as top-notch glass, cutting-edge electronics, and stainless steel. Pre-filled cartridges, replacement pods, replacement coils, batteries and chargers, and tanks are just some of the few vaping accessories available at Chase My Cloud. Our store also offers a 10% discount on the first order for all customers so do not miss the chance to procure your favorite vaping equipment at good deals.


E-liquids are the essence behind the perfect vaping experience. Although the vapes themselves are important too, E-liquids take over the fame as the main reason behind the rising popularity of vaping is the variety of flavors available. E-liquids are basically juices consisting of nicotine and different flavors, which ensures an utterly perfect vaping experience. Except for the e-liquids with zero amount of nicotine.

At Chase My Cloud, we have a variety of e-liquids available. If you are not a professional vaper then you probably do not have the basic knowledge involving e-liquids. Keeping this in mind, our staff will assist you in choosing one that suits your taste the best. You may purchase an e-liquid on the basis of nicotine but there is a lot more to it.

Why Choose Chase My Cloud?

Chase My Cloud offers the highest quality vaping equipment including all the relevant accessories, as well as vaporizers, tanks, and e-liquids. Not just any ordinary vapes, but we offer the most top-notch mech mods available in the market. We only have one goal in mind, and that is to leave our customers utterly delighted by providing the best quality vaping equipment at reasonable rates.

High quality and excellent vaping equipment aside, Chase My Cloud really is the best vape shop in Pakistan. Not just physically, but you can buy online vape in Pakistan too from our website. Our team is working tirelessly to ensure the best customer service possible. We generously receive constructive criticism to fill the improvement gap. We provide quick deliveries throughout the major cities of Pakistan.


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Due to an increase in dollar rates and import prices, our prices have slightly increased.

30ml Salt Nic = PKR 2,800

60ml E-liquids = PKR 2,800

100 ml E-liquids = PKR 3,450

120 ml E-iquids = PKR 3,800