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Naked 100 Hawaiian Pog bring the tropics to your taste buds, refreshing and full of flavor, this ejuice features fresh-squeezed oranges, tart passion fruit and creamy guava, blended into a perfectly balanced vape that will bring the beach to your mouth.

Why spend thousands on a trip to Hawaii when you can indulge in the taste of the islands in the comfort of your own home? We know, it sounds a bit too good to be true, but trust us, you can. Hawaiian POG By Naked 100 Original E-Liquids 60ml is a legendary trio of flavors that join forces to make you feel like you’re laying beneath a palm tree that’s swaying in the breeze. Each pull will bring you that much closer to the image of a tropical beach thanks to its blend of exotic fruits that excite the mind and tantalize the tongue.

With every inhale, fresh passion fruit juice soaks the tongue, intriguing the senses with its bright, tart flavor. You’ll quickly notice that your thirst has become a thing of the past as zesty, bright orange juice adds citrusy goodness to the flavor profile. As you exhale, the spectacularly sweet taste of ripe guava notes make your palate sing.

Product Specification

Primary Flavors: Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava
Size: 60ml Plastic Dripper Bottle with Child-Resistant Cap
Ratio: 65VG / 35PG

Naked Hawaiian Pog is an exotic blend of passion fruit oranges and guavas that will transport you to a tropical sandy beach island. Naked 100 e-juice Hawaiian Pog is an extremely flavorful vape juice that will stay consistently sweet on every puff.

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